Labor - by Trung Lac

Rough animation reel for film "Labor" by Trung Lac , a traditional animation student at Academy of Art University, San Francisco.

Paperless Animation with Cintiq tablet drawn directly into TVP Animation -

Set against the rural backdrop of America, LABOR delves into the lives of two strangers that meet at a train depot one day. A young pregnant woman, who is coming to grips with the burdens of parenthood, confronts a struggling umbrella salesman about his unrewarding career. Their encounter, however, leaves both of them with hope for a better future.

LABOR is the graduate thesis film of aspiring animator and director Trung Lac. The film was based on a personal experience that happened to him while he was struggling to find work as an animator in Florida. He hopes the message of the film inspires others to continue to follow their dreams no matter what the obstacles are.

The short was digitally hand-drawn and animated on a Wacom Cintiq using a bitmap-based animation program called TVP Animation.


bignewf said...

Nice job!! Thanks for sharing.

Cartoon Blogger said...

That was pretty good.