"Charlie Bit Me" - Animation by Lou Dellarosa

Great little dialogue test animated by Disney/ILM/Dreamworks animator Lou Dellarosa . Paperless animation using TVP Animation with Cintiq tablet.

©2009 Lou Dellarosa

Hades Pencil Test - by Rasmus Norgaard

A paperless animation line test animated by Rasmus Norgaard using "Mirage" ( the predecessor to TVP Animation) . This was animated with a Wacom Intous 3 tablet. It was originally posted on the old Mirage forums.

Since Mirage has been sold back to TVPaint Development Co. and has now been improved and updated as TVP PRO 9 I thought it would be good to post this here. Everything that could be done with Mirage (and a lot more ) can be done with TVP :

(click on the image to view animation)-




Second Class by Boris Belghiti

Senior graduation film made by Boris Belghiti at the Emile Cohl school in 2008. Made with TVP Animation software.


'The Apple & the Worm' feature film made with TVP

The Apple & the Worm

This new feature film was made with TVP Animation. Animation was done paperlessly in TVP with Wacom tablets.

I don't understand a word of the Danish dialogue in the trailer, but it looks very funny.


In this interview the animation director for the film, Mads Juul, discusses how TVP Animation was utilized to make "The Apple & the Worm" feature:
Interview with animation director Mads Juul

Another article about "The Apple and the Worm" --Click Here --



BugBox Animation - Coke commercials animated in TVP

Coke commercials made by BugBox Animation Studio. The character animation in these spots was done with TVP Animation .


"Love and Anarchy" Helsinki International Film Festival

Animated trailer for Helsinki International Film Festival "Rakkautta & Anarkiaa". Which means "Love and Anarchy", and that was the theme of the film. The film was directed by Eliza Jäppinen and Falconauts and animated by Anima Boutique).

TVPaint was used for the 2D-character animation, Maya for 3D animation, After Effects for FX animation and compositing.


"Beton" by Ariel Belinco and Michael Faust

"Beton" by Ariel Belinco and Michael Faust , animated with TVP Animation:

Here is a high-quality Quicktime excerpt to show the painterly textures accomplished with TVP.

(click on the image to view the animation)

Directing, Script and Animation: Ariel Belinco & Michael Faust

Original Music: Mikael Berkowitsch
Sound Design: Michael Goorevich

Project Supervisors: Van den bergh Roelof, Kaminski Hanan

America Israel Cultural Foundation / Bezlalel Academy of Art & Design, Israel / Utrecht School of Arts, Holland

Here is the entire film:

Béton & Apartheid: film d'animation Ariel Belinco by francemulticulturelle-org


Bouncing EyeBall - TVP Animation by Real Solleck

A very entertaining variation on the ol' bouncing ball exercise : Bouncing Eye Ball animated in TVP by "The Real Solleck" .