"Joust" Animatic by Mike Koizumi

Found this amazing animatic posted on the TVP Animation User Forum . Animator Mike Koizumi writes:

"This is my first post and I wanted to share with you an animatic I made with the old Mirage program. I used the demo to create this and finished it in three weeks. It features a battle between a griffon rider and an undead dragon rider.

When I discovered that Mirage had been discontinued I was saddened because I had hoped to purchase it to create more animated works. Recently, I learned that the developers of Mirage had created TVPaint ! It looks fantastic and there seems to be many improvements since the old Mirage. I'm looking forward to testing out the demo soon and I'm sure I will be purchasing the software as well."

Drawn with "Mirage" (an earlier version of TVP Animation, but essentially the same software as TVP) -

"Eco Homo" - animated film by Greg Lawon

"Eco Homo" , Directed by Greg Lawson

Made entirely with "Aura" (an earlier version of TVP Animation) in 2002.

(click on the image to play the movie) -



"Maestro Cuisine" by LISAA Students

Short film "Maestro Cuisine" animated in TVP Animation by students at LISAA (L'Institut Superieure des Arts Appliques) a French school with campuses in Paris, Rennes, Nantes, and Strasbourg.

"Maestro Cuisine" Credits:

Julien Ducher (decoration, background), Romain Verdier (animation), Kim Marc Huynh (animation)

Jean-Jacques Chen - "The Sword and the Paintbrush"

"The Sword and the Paintbrush" by Jean- Jacques Chen , animated and colored in TVP Animation.

Here is a graduation film made at the Visual Arts National University of La Cambre in Brussels, Belgium.

It was created and drawn by Jean Jacques Chen also well known as "L'apprenti roi des singes".

Interview with Jean Jacques Chen

Quicktime .mov version on the TVP web site;

"The Sword & the Paintbrush" Quicktime --Click HERE --



Labor - by Trung Lac

Rough animation reel for film "Labor" by Trung Lac , a traditional animation student at Academy of Art University, San Francisco.

Paperless Animation with Cintiq tablet drawn directly into TVP Animation -

Set against the rural backdrop of America, LABOR delves into the lives of two strangers that meet at a train depot one day. A young pregnant woman, who is coming to grips with the burdens of parenthood, confronts a struggling umbrella salesman about his unrewarding career. Their encounter, however, leaves both of them with hope for a better future.

LABOR is the graduate thesis film of aspiring animator and director Trung Lac. The film was based on a personal experience that happened to him while he was struggling to find work as an animator in Florida. He hopes the message of the film inspires others to continue to follow their dreams no matter what the obstacles are.

The short was digitally hand-drawn and animated on a Wacom Cintiq using a bitmap-based animation program called TVP Animation.

Bear Line Test - Jeremy Hopkins

Animation from a film being made by Jeremy Hopkins.

Animated paperlessly with a Cintiq tablet in TVP Animation -