Premières Plumes

Short film by Chloé Bonnet, Elsa Boyer, Marie-Aurélie Magro, Maxime Martin, Mélanie Robert , students at Ecole LISAA in Paris.

Made with TVP Animation.

In this making-of video there are several shots of the students drawing with Wacom tablets in TVP :

Making Of "Premières Plumes" from Chloé Bonnet on Vimeo.


"Le Royaume" - new Gobelins School film

"Le Royaume" is one of the recent 2010 vintage films made at the Gobelins School in Paris using TVP Animation.

The film is by Gobelins students De Nuno ALVES-RODRIGUES, Oussama BOUACHERIA, Julien CHHENG, Aymeric KEVIN, Sébastien HARY, Franck MONIER, Ulysse MALASSAGNE.

On the TVP User Forum there were these details posted about the production:

In "Le Royaume", they partly animated on paper and scanned the drawings to TVP for coloring , but because of the lack of time (scanning, scan-clean, etc ... there is no high-speed batch scanner available for students at the Gobelins school.), they ended up animating the rest of the film directly into TVP Animation (with Wacom tablets) and were able to finish the project on time.

Color Script and other "making of" material about "Le Royaume" -

Making of 'Le Royaume'



La Chambre Renversée - music video

Animated music video of the song La Chambre Renversée by Julien Ribot . Animated using TVP Animation by studio Doncvoilà, animation by Philippe Massonnet, Kevin Audi-Grivetta , and Pierre-Emmanuel Lyet

"Toki" by Golgoth Studios - Made with TVP Animation

Golgoth Studio is a new independant video game studio based in France. It is the aim of this teacm to keep 2D gaming alive within this 3D world, by the making of 2D fully hand-animated games in High Definition, for digital platforms.

Golgoth Studio has re-made "Toki", a video game originally released in 1989, on Arcade Game, with a poor man transformed into an ape, who will fight many bad guys and monsters to save the princess Miho, trapped by the evil sorcerer Vokimeldo.

This funny platform-game remake should be available first on Playstation Network in April 2010, then later Wii.

The animation was made with TVP Animation. Here is a trailer comparing scenes from the original "Toki" (c. 1989) with the new version:

Rough Animation cycle, then cleaned-up and colored in TVP:

Rough Animation frames from TVP :


"My Dog Tulip" by Paul & Sandra Fierlinger

The independent animated feature film "My Dog Tulip" was animated by Paul Fierlinger and painted by Sandra Fierlinger.

The film was made paperlessly with TVP Animation.

Here's a Making-of video about "My Dog Tulip" where you can see Paul's studio set up with a Wacom tablet and multiple monitors:

Recently Paul and Sandra Fierlinger have also completed a series of animated PSA's "Shelter Stories" based on the work of Mutts cartoonist Patrick McDonnell . These are also animated paperlessly with TVP -


July 2010 11 Second Club Winner - "I'm Alone" by Arthur Gil Larsen

Winner of the July 2001 "11 Second Club" animation competition , by Arthur Gil Larsen. Animated paperlessly using a Wacom tablet , drawing directly into TVP Animation.



"Communicate" by Eric Oh

"Communicate" (aka "Hello") by Eric Oh. Animated using TVP Animation


"Vegeterrible" by Benjamin Nielsen and Henrik Sønniksen

This film was made as a graduate film by Benjamin Nielsen and Henrik Sønniksen at The Animation Workshop. They used TVP Animation to animate the film.

Production blog: Vegeterrible