More Aaron Blaise Animation using TVPaint

Check out master animator Aaron Blaise's new set of Video Tutorials on the 12 Principles of Animation , using TVPaint.   (this is really good stuff , whether you're using TVPaint or not  ... it's not software specific , it's all about basic principles .  Highly recommended) .

Here's a free sample of one of Aaron's animation tutorials using TVPaint:


Also see Aaron's recent short film "Trunk Troubles"  with Cyrano the Elephant , animated in TVPaint:


Also, be sure to subscribe to Aaron's YouTube Channel .  He has other free animation tutorials posted there:


Including this great overview of the basic functions for animating in TVPaint:

TVPaint Animation, a quick start guide



Paul Schwarz 11 Second Club animation using TVPaint

Paul Schwarz 11 Second Club animation , animated with TVPaint:


11 Second Club July 2014 entry from Paul Schwarz on Vimeo.

11 Second Club September 2013 entry from Paul Schwarz on Vimeo.

Layout drawing by Paul Schwarz , drawn in TVPaint:


Aaron Blaise animation using TVPaint

Aaron Blaise is a former Disney animator (and fantastic all-around artist) who is using TVPaint Animation .   Check out Aaron's art tutorials on his YouTube Channel :


(Subscribe to his channel !)

Creature animation walk cycle in TVPaint :

Animation pose test for proposed feature film "Art Story" by Aaron Blaise. Animated in TVPaint:

Animation tutorial on using blinks effectively in character animation , by Aaron Blaise, animated in TVPaint:

There are many more animation and painting tutorials on Aaron's YouTube Channel:


Aaron also has a fantastic series of videos on how to animate Quadruped movement .  It's currently on sale for $40  for 3 tutorials.  Highly recommended.




The Song o the Sea trailer

Tomm Moore's new feature ,  "The Song of the Sea" ,  animated with TVPaint -


TSB bank commercial by Studio AKA

 From Studio AKA.

A 2.5min film for TSB - commissioned by JOINT LONDON - about the Reverend Henry Duncan and the history behind the building of the TSB bank. Combining the hand crafted artistry of 2D character animation within a stunningly integrated use of 3D CGI sets, The journey through time is reflected in the film's opening shot; an unbroken take which lasts a whopping 95 seconds...

Hand drawn animation elements using TVPaint.

TSB - The Story from STUDIO AKA on Vimeo.

There is a Making-of video posted on Studio AKA's  Vimeo page which shows the process:



Animation by Felix Sputnik using TVPaint

Animation using TVPaint by "Felix Sputnik"  (Michael Schlingmann) .  See more of his work on his VIMEO page.

...for all it's worth from Felix Sputnik on Vimeo.

the Making of from Felix Sputnik on Vimeo.


Aphrodite from Felix Sputnik on Vimeo.



Animation by Pablo Navarro with TVPaint

The first 00:31 seconds of Pablo Navarro's demo reel has a scene from the short film "OA" (produced by TigoboAnimation) which was animated using TVPaint Animation: Here is another short piece of animation by Pablo Navarro , for a RAID commercial , animated using TVPaint :


Ad Lucem by Ghislain Avrillon

The filmmaker , Ghislain Avrillon , writes of "Ad Lucem" : "It is a traditional 2D animation (ie animated frame by frame by hand). In detail, I did not draw on paper but on a graphics tablet with TVPaint software, a powerful digital tool for traditional technique."


Gobelins Annecy 2012

Two films for the  2012 Annecy Animation Festival made by Gobelins students using TVPaint Animation :


"Pencil" animation in TVPaint

I've posted a few of these before (check out the older archived posts)  but here are a few examples of how TVPaint mimics the look of traditional pencil on paper animation.

These examples were drawn paperlessly with a Wacom tablet using TVPaint:


Great little dialogue test animated by Disney/ILM/Dreamworks animator Lou Dellarosa . Paperless animation using TVP Animation with Cintiq tablet.

©2009 Lou Dellarosa


Rough animation by Pablo Navarro from the short film "Venus and the Sun". Animated boar creature combined with live action. Animation drawn with Wacom Cintiq 21ux tablet in the paperless animation application TVPaint Animation 9.5.
Go to Pablo Navarro's blog http://pablonavarro.wordpress.com to see his WIP rough tests with tie-downs.

To download higher quality .mp4 file of this animation click HERE .


Winner of the July 2001 "11 Second Club" animation competition , by Arthur Gil Larsen. Animated paperlessly using a Wacom tablet , drawing directly into TVP Animation.



A paperless animation line test animated by Rasmus Norgaard using "Mirage" (aka "TVPaint v. 7.0" , the predecessor to the current version of TVPaint Animation) . This was animated with a Wacom Intous 3 tablet. It was originally posted on the old Mirage User forums.

(click on the image to view animation)-



Also see this earlier post on the blog about the paperless animation process    used by the Norwegian animation studio Sandes Media on their series of children's films for Norwegian TV based on the songs of folk singer Alf Prøysen -

(click the link to read the earlier blog post)

Alf Prøysens Barnesanger by Sandes Media


 Here's a progression reel showing a shot from the Alf Prøysen series from  "pencil test"  to final color .    This is all paperless , made in TVPaint:

This shows this scene in the TVPaint interface:


Rusty Mills is a classically trained animator who has been on the forefront of embracing the new paperless animation technology . Here are some scenes from Rusty's work-in-progress reel for a film he is making called "Gotcha Covered".

Rusty is animating this film on a Motion Computing tablet PC using Mirage.
(a previous version of TVPaint which is no longer available, but similar to the present TVPaint Animation).

 He did most of this animation while commuting on the train into Los Angeles . Now that's a portable animation tool !

©2008 Rusty Mills

Notice how Rusty's rough animation looks virtually the same as traditional pencil-on-paper animation. There is no discernible difference in this that screams out "digital". The drawings look very natural and organic, like real pencil sketches.


 Here's another pencil test , animated in TVPaint , by Han Sandrine:

11secondsclubaugust from Han Sandrine on Vimeo.


"Slim Pickings, Fat Chances" by David de Rooij and Jelle Brunt

Slim Pickings Fat Chances is a student film by David de Rooij and Jelle Brunt from the Willem de Kooning Academy in the Netherlands.

Official film website: SlimPickings.nl

Filmmaker website: Jelle Brunt

 Filmmaker website: David de Rooij

"Eyrie" by David Wolter

"Eyrie" by David Wolter , made at CalArts using TVPaint Animation. David's film won the Student Academy Award for Best Animated Short Film.


"Lapsena" by Mallory Dyer

Mallory Dyer's charming film , "Lapsena" , made at Cal Arts.

Animated with Cintiq tablet in TVPaint Animation:


TVPaint Trailer - edited by Mark Chong

Mark Chong put together this "trailer" sampling various projects made with TVPaint Animation:

These and many more are on the official TVPaint Gallery , which has recently been expanded and updated.

Partial List of Schools using TVPaint:

Gobelins L'école de l'image

Academy of Art University Online

California Institute of the Arts (CalArts)

The Animation Workshop (Viborg)

Capilano University


Bezalel Academy of Art

UCLA Animation Workshop

Ecole Emile Cohl

Ecole de La Cambre Bruxelles


Pablo Navarro - Venus and the Sun rough animation in TVPaint

Rough animation by Pablo Navarro from the short film "Venus and the Sun". Animated boar creature combined with live action.

Animation drawn with Wacom Cintiq 21ux tablet in the paperless animation application TVPaint Animation 9.5.

Go to Pablo Navarro's blog http://pablonavarro.wordpress.com to see his WIP rough tests with tie-downs.

To download higher quality .mp4 file of this animation click HERE .