More Aaron Blaise Animation using TVPaint

Check out master animator Aaron Blaise's new set of Video Tutorials on the 12 Principles of Animation , using TVPaint.   (this is really good stuff , whether you're using TVPaint or not  ... it's not software specific , it's all about basic principles .  Highly recommended) .

Here's a free sample of one of Aaron's animation tutorials using TVPaint:


Also see Aaron's recent short film "Trunk Troubles"  with Cyrano the Elephant , animated in TVPaint:


Also, be sure to subscribe to Aaron's YouTube Channel .  He has other free animation tutorials posted there:


Including this great overview of the basic functions for animating in TVPaint:

TVPaint Animation, a quick start guide

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David McBride said...

Hi David! I hope all is well. These are great videos! Aaron puts up some amazing tutorials.

How have you been? I'm not sure if I have a wrong email for you but I wanted to say hello and send you a link to some of my latest animation videos. The first one was one the film I started in AAU. It was screened in Athens Greece at Athens Animfest.



All the Best,

David McBride