"Joust" Animatic by Mike Koizumi

Found this amazing animatic posted on the TVP Animation User Forum . Animator Mike Koizumi writes:

"This is my first post and I wanted to share with you an animatic I made with the old Mirage program. I used the demo to create this and finished it in three weeks. It features a battle between a griffon rider and an undead dragon rider.

When I discovered that Mirage had been discontinued I was saddened because I had hoped to purchase it to create more animated works. Recently, I learned that the developers of Mirage had created TVPaint ! It looks fantastic and there seems to be many improvements since the old Mirage. I'm looking forward to testing out the demo soon and I'm sure I will be purchasing the software as well."

Drawn with "Mirage" (an earlier version of TVP Animation, but essentially the same software as TVP) -


Ken said...

that was amazing! very impressive

Gavin Ball said...


that was pretty amazing...really cool.