Peg Hole Registration with TVP Animation

Even though TVP Animation is great for tablet-based paperless animation , it is also very useful for traditional hand-drawn animation pencil tests.

When scanning drawings it is much faster to use an Auto Document Feed scanner . However, drawings scanned with an ADF scanner are not precisely registered. The peg holes on the individual drawings may shift quite a bit when running through the ADF scanner rollers , causing the drawings to jitter . The peg holes must be aligned.

This is done with the soon-to-be released TVP 9.5 improved Peg Holes Registration function . Drawings are scanned in off-pegs, but are then easily registered and aligned. (previous versions of TVP have used the "2-Point Stabilization" function in the FX Panel to accomplish peg-hole tracking and registration which worked fine, but was not as simple and easy to use as the new Peg Hole Registration function)

Here is an example.

1.) In the first part the peg holes on the raw scans are unaligned and the drawings shift & jitter .

2.) In the second part it shows the same set of drawings with the peg holes aligned using TVP Peg Hole Registration.
(play it twice through for comparison of the before and after)

Here is the complete rough animation of this scene:

This scene is from a pilot for a film that was never completed. I had the drawings from my first rough pass on the scene , so decided to use those as a demonstration of how Peg Hole Tracking & Registration works in TVP Animation.

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David said...

Looks awesome. The animation firstly, the peg registration secondly. Everything is so volumetric and alive, it seems feature-quality to me.
I'm getting antsy for 9.5...